Wednesday, May 29, 2013

McFarlane, on driver assaults

So, posting a pretty picture, and a lot of cameras at MAX stations, are going to help reduce operator assaults...

Yet, a very significant number of 1400, 1600, 1700, 1800 and 1900 series buses lack - after all these years - cameras on board...and how many more years will these buses remain in service?

How many bus layover areas are equipped with cameras?  How many cameras are located at the Tigard Transit Center, as just one of many examples?  None.  Washington Square TC?  None.  Tualatin P&R?  None.  Lake Oswego TC?  None.  Yet, MAX and WES platforms have loaded up on cameras.

(Image courtesy Metro Magazine)


Al M said...

There are no camera's at Tigard TC or Washington Square?
Of course I of all people know that mcfarlane is full of dog shit, but does the public?

The Chauffeur said...

Did they get video of the most recent assault on the Line 19 operator? No. Why? No cameras at a port-a-potty layover! I'm going to be Henry for a SAFETY ISSUE #3: OPERATOR ASSULTS

YoMama said...

Yes, it's a fact...there are close to 1,000 cameras at Max platforms! But there may as well be a million because NOBODY IS WATCHING THEM!!!
While it's true they can be viewed when necessary (provided the camera is working and the software at controller workstation is working and the controller knows how to operate said software, etc.), there is no person or people dedicated to watching cameras.

Jason McHuff said...

Overdue it may be, but there should only need to be at most a few dozen or so buses without cameras on the road after this year's bus order.

Unknown said...

Put it this way guys, if attempted murder will not make them change the system of actual security, then what, actual murder?????

Al M said...

A few dozen buses without camera's?
Fucking lying incompetents at the top.