Monday, May 27, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (weekend edition)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Already sent many complaints about this driver. Started route 4 minutes late. Has failed to pick up 2 passengers. Gave wrong...transfer to passenger and refused to fix it. Talking smack about customers. 57 to BTC. Bus 2936. 12:28 pickup at Birch.
Like yeah trimet is awesome but my lunch is only like 40 mins

Teehee talked myself out of a trimet ticket.. 😏

both of the ticketing machines are out of order at Hollywood.

Fuck trimet

Oh wow. I got a 1600 on my line 21 today. Now I know how feels.

On Memorial Day halts service to Willamette National Cemetery providing special 1-Finger Salute to veterans, families, survivors.

I gotta say I'm pretty pissed off I missed the max by 2 min this morning which equals to 15 min late at work.

No, I do not want to buy a pocket knife off you to support your meth addiction. , it's too early to allow meth heads on the bus. :(

Thanks for making me late to the airport this morning. The red line never came. How can I get a refund?

Making out on trimet is not okay

He fuck you looking at, sweats? How many breakfasts you have this morning? Turn the fuck around and mind ur business Me. Fuck trimet

Fuck trimet but fuck trimet on a sunday especially!

": "We gunna' go out to eat to a real nice restaurant, like The Home Town Buffet." (lady says on trimet) LMAO CTFU.

Now I sit at Beaverton TC and wait 40 more mins for the 20 

Bird man looks like someone I would avoid on Trimet.

26 May
This bus driver is FLYING down macadam right now! Holy shit… he’s gotta be doing 50 on this windy ass rd.

Wow I got gentlemen talking to their friends in their heads on both trips today

Now we get to wait for the police because a man won't leave the train for something he did?

This bus seating over-promises and under-delivers in the fun department @ Trimet Bus Stop ID 5014

Trimet needs to fix its fucking system

Fuck you trimet FUCK YOU

: Dear , I hope my driver isn't drunk again

Classic... The Max is late this morning. Taking Memorial Day off?

This train right next to the mex lines just scared the shit out of me.....

And FUCK trimet

Every weekday morning on the way to work.... Never fails!

I feel really bad for my driver of 21/37 tonight. He doesn't know how to work the bus.

Dude next to me on bus wears lime-snowcone-scented cologne. Occurs to me: on the fragrant-bus-neighbor spectrum, this is nearly best case.

. I got Axe spray from dude next to me. Never occurred to him that 62 crush-capacity commuters might not enjoy some.

. He sat in middle of three seats, with standees all around. Pulled out bottle of Axe and sprayed allll over. Nowhere to go.

Jesus. While he was ON the bus? That’s poor.

. Yes, but also funny. Recently got a young lady applying nail polish. *far* worse. Couldn't open window. should ban.

Trimet police try waaaaaaay too hard lol

you guys have horrible service. How often do buses leave early?

on the way to and passing out guy on the bus is us.

why is it when your riding the blue line the train heading into Graham always stops at ruby junction for like 5 minuets?

. I got Axe spray from dude next to me. Never occurred to him that 62 crush-capacity commuters might not enjoy some.

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