Sunday, May 26, 2013

Classic example of Trimet propaganda

This is the propaganda:

JUST ASK: As a union employee on the PPO plan, why have I been paying more toward my benefits?
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A: A similar question was asked previously but we want to help clear up any confusion. With the existing contract expired, TriMet started passing along the increased cost of health care to union employees as of January 1, in accordance with Oregon law. Union employees are now paying the increased cost of heath care for 2013, which averaged 9.25% for the preferred provider plan and 6.25% for Kaiser. For union employees with family coverage on the PPO plan, that’s $181.95 a month. However, in TriMet’s new contract proposal located at, TriMet is proposing that union employees pay 6% of the premium cost, which is only $144.83 a month or $37.12 less than the amount currently being passed along. In essence, until the contract is settled, a typical union employee is paying $37.12 a month more than what TriMet has proposed for the new contract. Questions? We encourage you to contact:

This is the facts:

True you will be saving some on your monthly payment, but your copay's increase significantly under their new proposed contract.
I wonder why they forget to put in that part?

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