Thursday, May 30, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Hey the 4 has been a mess for the last hour and you have a rude & abrasive driver who feels customers can't ask questions coach 3046
How we all feel when Trimet is running late.

Haha never been on a Trimet bus where its just all teenagers. Lol

": Bitches claim they got so much money but still on trimet" THANK YOU!!!!!!

This no.20 bus is going well over 35 down burnside jeezus.

Portland's TriMet is largely subsidized by a unique model: me losing my transit pass all the time and having to re-pay.

I wish the bike hangers were far enough in that the handles on my bike wouldn't swing out the door or hit boarding passengers

Hey that's two trains in a row out of service at gateway TC. What's going on?

Man Trimet needs to get they shit together. 👿

Hey, guitar guy, you ain't no Johnny Cash, so why you got to force your pickin' on a captive audience?


bus 2127 on rt 94 made unsafe stop 50' N of designated stop between Park & School in Tigard, picked up rider in middle of street

From a driver: 602 38 minutes late. 2 other buses were also late cluster f@@k

rush hour train 116 conductor: "I'm willow creek bound but can only guarantee merlo rd" what the fuck?

Omg.. I'm a bad person... I'm trying really hard not to laugh at this girl's super entitled millennial freak out

How hard is "Don't smoke on the platform?" I mean, really, dude. Basic manners.

Seated on the MAX, others coming, going, when a few drops land on your skin and you wonder if it's really rainwater. And you wonder.

wish could let me know that my bus isn't coming AT ALL. I could have walked 2 blocks & caught the 15 instead of waiting in the rain.

Trimet gave my baby down syndrome.

why do drivers get all pissy about service cats & welcome growly clearly-not-service dogs not in carriers?

because trimet is ran by dumb shits who love MAX

I had stress dreams about TriMet all night.

Hey, . Looks like your train went missing between the airport and Mt Hood...again. Tracker went from "due now" to "14 min".

Coworker is absolutely floored that I've never been to Chipotle nor taken Trimet

Lmfao!!! Yo trimet drivers b rude as fuck omfg hahah

This passenger is steady hitting on the bus driver since she can't go anywhere

Highest bus fares in the nation for this shit? Y'all should be ashamed.

Two buses passed my stop because they're full. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a city with transit that gets me to work on time?

Fuck. I hate when the train is so fuckin full... I mean come on : we need more trains guys.

Fare inspectors running wild on the Max trains this morning.

Another full #14 bus passed me. Again. So much for frequent service.

It's ok, I totally didn't want to be home in time to sleep more than five hours.

"I told you no, I will punch you, shut the fuck up" *Grabs face* then the three year old starts crying

New on : Line 75 two little dogs barking at each other Stroller in the aisle Kids asleep in the priority area Lady yelling about $20

Just heard 3 southern women dissect & destroy both the 50 Shades & Twilight books as elegantly as a ballroom dance.

Dear thanks for the loud rap music playing on line 12 bus 2936 758pm

Bus 2824. Line 12 stop ID 4251 . 738pm did a in svc bus just pass me up with taunting?

Trimet cops all up on my D looking for a ticket, almost made me miss the train.

I stay getting lost trying to ride trimet

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