Friday, May 17, 2013


Now that Trimet has been faced with some 'real' reporting and can't control the outcome of  that story they are "fact checking" anything that makes them look bad.
They always have some lame ass excuse about everything. 
At this point I can't believe anybody would actually take anything that comes out of that propaganda department with much seriousness. 
I always enjoy reading the propaganda and analyzing it from my point of view.

At the same time, some of the statements made by the media and public can contain inaccurate information about TriMet. We will “fact check” any communication that misstates the facts.
~~~>Something new from our beloved Trimet execs, they will 'fact check' all unfavorable media stories.
Trimet executives were never any good at taking criticism.

TriMet’s Director of Legal Services went from part-time to full-time, was promoted to a different job and received a 2.5 percent merit increase.(uh? What?)
A Deputy General Counsel went from full-time to part-time and then back again to full-time. Overall, no real change to the salary for this position.(gawd I love this)
The civil construction manager received a promotion and is in charge of construction of the $134 million light rail bridge being built over the Willamette River as part of the $1.49 billion Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project.(ah yes, the 'promotion'. It's well known that 'promotions' have been the way Mcfarlane has been getting around the so called 'pay freeze'. Anybody that has been following this nonsense knows that he has sliced and diced and moved everything around so everybody has new job titles! Handy way to get around the  "pay freezes")

Fact: Concerning the source of the money, the salary increases for all General Fund employees – those not working on the light rail project – are funded through the agency’s contingency funds. It’s standard practice and in compliance with Oregon Budget Law for yet to be determined wage increases to be budgeted in contingency. (how come this is the first time in 40 years we have heard this if its 'standard accounting procedure'? How come its never been done before?)

We’re the first to admit that TriMet budget is complex and requires some additional context to understand the numbers. (ya think? Funny how 3 separate rail lines were built under Fred Hansen's leadership without any of these issues ever coming up.)

Fact: TriMet was created by the Oregon Legislature in 1969. The Governor appoints the seven members of the TriMet Board of Directors and the Senate confirms their appointment. These are dedicated citizen volunteers who bring their expertise to overseeing the activities of the transit agency. (Is this funny or what? True comedy in reality. Everybody knows the deal with that puppet board, and here they are trying to pretend its different. You have to laugh)

The Board also has a citizen committee reporting to it – the Committee on Accessible Transportation – that provides guidance and direction on issues related to elderly and riders with disabilities. (I think Michael Levine, now deceased should address this- CLICK HERE)

Fact: Neil McFarlane did not recommend a raise. The head of Labor Relations and Human Resources provided comparable salary data to the Board of Directors and the board decided and approved the 3 percent raise. McFarlane did not have a salary increase the previous year.(LOL!!!LOL!!LOL!! Really folks, it doesn't get any better than this!)

I'm not going to go on, there is no point.

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