Sunday, January 4, 2015

I guess Bob Nelson couldn't handle the job

Nelson on the left sitting with head honcho Mcfarlane
Bob Nelson was hired specifically to  to improve bus and light rail reliability.
Apparently he isn't up to the job.
Oh well, he'll still get paid his 200k of course
It appears Mcfarlane has gone outside the agency to attempt to figure out why MAX service has been so awful for so long.
TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane has launched an outside review of the agency’s light rail maintenance system, which includes MAX vehicles and trackway. In order to better address both an aging and an expanding rail system, McFarlane wants a more comprehensive look at maintenance needs and to set a course for continuous improvement in the years ahead. The effort will improve reliability and on-time performance for the light rail system. This review comes after McFarlane reorganized the Operations Division in November and created a new Maintenance Division to provide greater focus and accountability on vehicle and rail system reliability

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