Friday, January 9, 2015

I love the Trimet radio

The MAX controllers are particularly amusing.


Anonymous said...

this is the number one reason why I will not go to light rail the controllers over there are obnoxious assholes

Jason McHuff said...

Was this during an incident? If so, I'm guessing the controller was preoccupied with what was happening on the railroad.

This doesn't excuse the poor answer (it sounds like the operator was wanting to help the riders).

There's actually rules about how controllers are supposed to act on the air, and some controllers seem very pleasant to work with. But others say things like this which are not supposed to be acceptable.

Unfortunately, I've been told there's a lack of support and training for controllers which could possibly address the situation.

Al M said...

Hey-I thought that was a funny and accurate statement on the part of the controller.

He gave the guy his correct answer

Jason McHuff said...

No, it was not a helpful answer.

Al M said...

It was an accurate and succinct precise answer