Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Manufacturing the "news"

I've often wondered how many people actually realize that the 'news' is whatever the media decides is the 'news' .
Hundreds of thousands of things going on around us so how exactly does the media decide what to put in front of the public.

My own theory is that the 'news' that is seen on the mainstream media, whether it is TV or print, is broadcast with only one intent. And that is to influence the mind of the viewer. BRAINWASHING!
The problem is that very few citizens actually realize that they are being brainwashed, and that is why the media is so powerful in our culture.

Take this $1.5 BILLION dollar max line to a city of 20,000, a city that already had 'frequent' (by Trimet standards) bus service. It was really an unnecessary pork barrel project. But the media, along with the government of course,  has been pounding the public with pro bridge crap for years  now, slowly ever so slowly MANUFACTURING CONSENT for Trimet boondoggle projects.


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