Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trimet stupid bullshit

Trimet bureaucratic  staff (the ones that don't wear uniforms and don't do anything for  the public) are always coming up with stupid policies  for the union Trimet employees to  follow.
(Trimet is a caste society)

These faceless bureaucrats make their livings by screwing up the riders and the union employees with endless changes to routes, policies and procedures
There is no appeal, these people run the lives of the public and the union employees.

Their latest craziness?
 Forcing all drivers  who walk to or from their buses at the  garage to wear these stupid vests. 
They can take off their vest once they get to the bus or into the garage.
Not all drivers are happy about having to carry another item of clothing around
(I don't think anyone has ever been hit by a bus in the yard)
Safety is a value . 
Stupidity is also a value.

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