Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Trimet contractor accused of ethics violations

In a previous post we saw how CH2M HILL turns out to be one of the least ethical corporations on the planet and we all know the cozy relationship that Trimet has with that company.

Now it turns out that another one of the Trimet partners G4S has profited on human rights abuses.

I also  know Trimet also has a relationship with one of the most evil banking institutions of all time, GOLDMAN SACHS

These are the real stories of the real Trimet.
 The Trimet that operates in secret.
 The Trimet that we don't read about in the mainstream media.
Trimet supports EVERYTHING that is wrong in the world.
TRIMET is owned by the corporate oligarchy!

Controversial security firm G4S faces a police investigation over its involvement with the US jail at Guantanamo. A leading human rights charity says the firm could be prosecuted if it has profited from human rights abuses at the prison.

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