Thursday, January 22, 2015

Does Bruce have any idea what's going on?

A driver shared a story with me about her meeting with ATU757 president Bruce Hansen wherein she expressed her frustration with the 'block signup'.

Bruce said "I haven't heard one complaint about the block signup, you're the first one that has said that to me".

Now either Bruce is a bold faced liar or he is living in la la land because I haven't heard one person say anything good about it and I know that people besides this one driver has expressed their discontent about the block sign up.

Why would a driver support the block sign up? Drivers lost the ability to pick their own weekend work! That's a lose/lose for the drivers.


driver fitz said...

It took more than that away. It took our day off with run choices away as well. Example. If I wanted my fall work back, I would've had to take sun/mon with a 44,75 on sat, which is a run I would not have chosen. Plus, my other problem is that this was not discussed with the membership, it was simply done.

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

If you wonder why Bruce likes one on one talks with people its because he can lie and then its your word against his. I must say Bruce has done a fabulous job of making him be the "nice guy". Unfortunately he seems at this point to be a "nice guy" to Shelly Lomax and Randy Stedman. ATU members are losing their seniority rights with the block runs, we had our butts handed to us at the negotiating table and members are just now starting to feel the dent in their wallets when they go to the doctor or fill prescriptions and its going to get worse. Members that wanted to go into apprenticeship programs will soon feel the consequence of allowing TriMet to hire off the street for these positions. Randy and Shelly are dictating our local and it needs to stop. TriMet has paid ATU Executive Board members to go out and try and "sell" the block runs. Bruce just says its because "ATU gets along with TriMet now" it is one thing to get along and another thing to be respected. We don't have respect from other locals they know we sold our members out for nothing, to get along with management. #uck management and their stupid surveys that "they care". They don't give a crap about our members, they are marketing some of our executive board members to what they want them to say and do, what has this local come to? TriMet wouldn't pay them if it wasn't in TriMet's best interest! think people think!!

Al M said...

I have to agree with all of the above. I like Bruce personally and I supported him in the past but there is no possible way I can support him in the future