Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Trimet brags that its met the phony secretary of state 'audit'

We all know that the Secretary of State 'audit' was a complete whitewash.
Today Trimet is bragging that they have met the 'goals' of the phony audit.
Remember the audit was ordered after the 'secret raises'  became public knowledge.
The phony audit never even addressed the raises, instead they turned the entire process upside down and starting banging the employee health care crap.
The entire thing is nothing but government funded propaganda and not even worth reading however there is one thing that union employees better pay attention to.
This is the second time this has appeared in mainstream media which means bad things are in the works for Trimet union employees 
The audit concurred with TriMet’s assessment that the most significant financial challenges facing the agency were the cost of
healthcare benefits and the unfunded liability to pay for current and future retirees. The new union contract put the agency on a path of reducing these benefits,   (yes and now they are announcing they are coming back for more and our union has made it easier for them) and the Strategic Financial Plan approved in July sets a course for funding these benefits.

 One year later, TriMet implements all 23 recommendations in Secretary of State’s audit | TriMet News and Media Releases

Below is the Giannola report on this phony audit. He mentions the raises but does not question why the secretary of state never reported on EXACTLY how those secret raises came to pass. ZERO, he just says that Trimet created that TRANSPARENCY section of their web site. Surprising that he just let that go too. To this day the public has no idea who recommended those secret raises or what the board process was that lead to those secret raises. He didn't even mention that Trimet cut services, raises fares, cut employee health benefits at the SAME TIME THEY GAVE THEMSELVES THOSE SECRET RAISES. Mainstream media fails again, as usual