Sunday, January 18, 2015

The 'godfather' of the Portland light rail mafia speaks

This is the most misnamed bridge maybe in the entire United States. 
The so called "bridge of the people" (stolen from Kirk Reeves) is the one bridge in the region that actually won't help the vast majority of people. 

Sure it will help some people I guess, the ones on the light rail line that didn't have to transfer from the 33 that is. 
 It might speed up a couple buses. 
Yes we know that pedestrians and bicyclists will have a field day. 
Is it really going to be that much different for them than the other 4 bridges connecting downtown to east side?

The poor 33 riders are now going to be forced to TRANSFER from the bus to the rail so its not an improvement for those folks. Its a serious degradation of service.

Sorry but this entire MLR project which includes this mostly useless bridge, is 100% about the Portland oligarchs. 
They profited hugely from its building and their developer pals will  profit on the development along the line

So Good luck Earl. Go figure out how you can convince the public that this is 'their' bridge. Trimet seems to be doing a pretty good job so far,  go see how you can  help them.

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Al M said...

I forgot to mention that this bridge will be good for the tourist industry, and for the people that make postcards

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Al, tell it like it is.