Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CH2M Hill heavily involved with Trimet turns out to be a 'criminal'enterprise

David Knowles big pal of Mcfarlanes
We all know who CH2M Hill is right. They make millions off governments all over the country.

 We remember when David Knowles of CH2M Hill appeared with Mcfarlane at the Portland city club where Mcfarlane made his now famous "tale of 2 Trimet's" speech where he placed all the blame for Trimet's management bumbling on his union employees.

It turns out that CH2M Hill is one of the most unethical companies in the USA right up there with the likes of Halliburton and Bechtel. 

This is who is running your transit agency Portland, wake the fuck up!

Most troubling are charges of decades of revolving-door cronyism surrounding Joe Glicker, a vice president of CH2M Hill, the company awarded the contracts to build the new covered reservoirs for Portland. Not only was Glicker a former chief engineer of the Portland Water Bureau (PWB), he also worked as a core consultant with the EPA to write the very LT2 rules that now require these massive "emergency" water infrastructure projects. It's a conflict of interest that has local water rights advocates' heads spinning and steaming all at once.

Glicker's hand in crafting the LT2 ruling helped create an unfunded mandate that opened new markets for his company, while blindsiding cash-strapped municipalities across the country.

While the EPA is no stranger to allegations of corrupt corporate influence over water protections, typically the purpose is to gut regulations for industrial polluters, not to invent onerous regulations to serve notorious developers like CH2M Hill.

The company's troubles in Portland have already begun. Since 1998, Portland water authorities have been penalized by the state 13 times for water quality violations totaling $763,500. In April 2014, they were fined over $40,000 for allowing a contractor to repeatedly dump toxic levels of chlorine into a local creek due to cracking and leaking at the new 50-million-gallon Powell Butte buried reservoir. The project, led by CH2M Hill, immediately ran nearly $4 million over budget, exceeding the contract limits.
 Deep Questions Arise Over Portland's Corporate Water Takeover


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