Thursday, January 8, 2015

Warning shot fired at ATU757 members

 A warning shot has been fired today at Trimet union members. 
I consider myself a scholar in regards to these events because I have spent so much time studying the subject and watching the players.

The following passage was written by the Oregonian Editorial board today. We all know that the Oregonian is the paper that is most responsible for promoting the government agenda.

Look at this propaganda (remember that everything that comes to us from the mainstream media is propaganda)

Mass transit, meanwhile, expands but not without suburban protest. TriMet, the region's bus and train agency, finds itself at the center of politically charged arguments about civic autonomy, perceived Portland arrogance, and whether light rail really can compete financially with bus service. The agency suffers financially from overcommitments on health care and retirement benefits, despite trims established late in a 2014 labor pact with its drivers and mechanics. And the slow, clickety-clickety-clack Portland Streetcar, distinct from TriMet-run MAX trains, continues to charm residents and tourists alike(what the fuck) – but at an uncalculated price.

So here we go again folks. Don't say I didn't tell ya so.


Al M said...

Remember that the passage would only be in the article to influence the minds of the readers.

It's patently untrue, but this article has planted the seed.

The union has already conceded and open the gates to more cuts.

We are on a downhill spiral

Unknown said...

If we continue down the status quo path and the same old same old, then yes we agree.