Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Spinning the data

I always thought that Trimet was #1 in per capita usage?
 Guess I was wrong, but I do remember seeing that somewhere.
At least we beat out Gainsville Florida, that's a victory right?
The local propagandists are making a big deal out of this like its some sort of great victory.
The fact of the matter is that MTA blows away everybody.
 And if you feel like it you can read the local propaganda HERE which includes comments from Streetcar Chris Smith and Trimet overpaid employees still pining about the phony GREAT RECESSION  (The Trimet executives didn't feel the effects of that so called recession other than they took vacation time rather than raises)which, if you study the Trimet data, did not affect Trimet like they  put forth. 
Of course these local cronies keep telling everyone how much of a 'leader' Trimet is.
Leader in what exactly? Bells and whistles for sure. And ya they put a dumb streetcar in because the rich won't ride buses. And of course the entire 'transit oriented development' movement started here. (stealing transit from the poor for the benefit of the rich)

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