Monday, March 9, 2015

ATU members vote NO to majority rule

The proposal was to create  elections where an officer would need to have at least 50% +1 vote to assume office.

In typical fashion the members present at tonight's union meeting voted to preserve the status quo.
I keep hoping that the more enlightened members of the union will stand up and make changes for the better. I am continuously disappointed . 

Its the same feeling I get when I attend Trimet board meetings. I keep hoping that people will wake up and demand accountability,  but I am always disappointed.

I went to the meeting expecting to cast  a yes vote only to be informed that retirees don't get a vote.
Why am I a member of this union?

 They sold us out in the last contract negotiation and we weren't allowed to vote on that either.

Why am I paying one nickel to this union that does nothing for me?


Unknown said...

I can still vote right?

Unknown said...

why was it voted down didn't chris Day go and make a powerful speech

Al M said...

We had all the facts. Facts don't matter in the end. the 'machine' appears to be unbeatable