Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bylaws change passes at 2nd ATU meeting

At the meeting today the bylaw change passed by a sweeping majority of 9 yes and 2 no.
Yesterdays meeting it was 35 no and 20 yes.
That's 37 no  and 29 yes.
That's only 8 votes short to change the bylaws.
The "machine" only operates at the first charter meeting.
The  problem now is the outlining properties. Unless there is an advocate to speak for  the change to counter the official argument against the change chances are good that members will just follow the instructions of the officers at the meetings, which is "NO".

The bigger question is why do the union officers oppose what to my mind is a very positive change?
Other union locals use runoff elections without problems so why do our officials have such a problem with it?
The only thing I can come up with is that this change is a threat to their positions.
 It would appear that the  current officers are more interested in keeping their jobs than doing the right thing.

The stated reasons for not supporting this are:
1-cost (red herring)
2-election can be challenged (can be challenged now)
3-our current system is 'working' (subjective statement)
4-most other locals use this type (most does not mean better)
5-'professionals' say the time line is flawed (intentionally vague )
Furthermore, if you look at the date of the memo concerning the bylaw change you will see that it was written on February 3, before the first reading! In other words the union officers immediately decided amongst themselves that they would not support it even before any discussion ensued.
See for yourself HERE!


Unknown said...

Do we have anybody going to these other meetings

Al M said...

Not sure

Unknown said...

Bull shit bull shit bull shit teamsters is a 50 + 1 system