Thursday, March 12, 2015

Petition to stop Trimet block signups in progress

Rank has its privileges, and with seniority comes better choices. Packaging blocks (runs) has eliminated countless choices, restricted employee's work-life balance, and effectively neutralized the hard-earned and long-awaited benefits of seniority for hundreds of employees and their families.
We respect the joint committee’s efforts to reduce the number of split shifts, limit the span time of those splits, bring runs into compliance with Wage & Hour guidelines for breaks and lunches, comply with HOS rules, explore 4-day workweeks, and implement live signups online. Resolving these ongoing concerns will lead to improved employee wellbeing and public safety.
However, the method of packaging blocks is not the way to resolve these issues. We have agreed that there are better alternatives for accomplishing these goals, and have offered you constructive feedback that has mostly been ignored, and worse, suppressed. Our suggestions have included a selection-checking algorithm, a reserve-packaging-for-the-bottom-100 option, and a comprehensive public safety & operator security (PSOS) plan.
Therefore, together, we implore you to terminate this Packaging Pilot Program at the earliest possible date, reinstitute the cafeteria-style method for signups, and most importantly, return the choices our respective seniority has earned us.

You can sign the petition: Petition · STOP PACKAGING BLOCKS ·

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Speakerofthepeople1 said...

No Comments? How many people have the blocked runs hurt? I am absolutely amazed that the membership has just sat back and let Bruce, Dan, and Jeff railroad this through without saying "enough is enough". Why wasn't there a vote? Bruce ran his campaign on "the members will always have a voice"! Might I say "LIAR"!