Thursday, March 19, 2015

Whoopie! Gotta Love Tri-Met!

Fresh off their multi-billion-dollar love-fest with light rail construction and their simultaneous cannibalization of bus services, Tri-Met has decided that their managers need yet another boost in pay. So, where are they going to find the money? Well, for starters, they're going after old folks and disabled people.
TriMet proposes increasing honored citizen fares by 20 percent to $1.25, with monthly passes climbing $2 to $28. Honored citizen tickets are purchased by riders older than 65, people on Medicare and people with mental or physical disabilities.
TriMet announced that the budget will include the third pay increase in six years for non-union employees. Workers in that category will see a wage increase of up to 3 percent based on performance and overall compensation.
Oh, but you'll also get better light rail performance! How cool is that? More gang-bangers riding for free on more trains to expand their turf. Somebody, somewhere, might even get a new bus to ride. On the backs of old or disabled people. Stay classy!
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