Sunday, March 15, 2015

JoeRoseAnna Zealotoregonian

JoeRosanna Doll-a readers creation
Story and doll created by a regular reader

JoAnna RoseAnna Zealotoregonian
JoAnna RoseAnna is a Tri-Metropolitan County cycle riding–traffic jammer –operator basher-wrapper-blogger-story teller who works for the corrupt fish wrapper PDX Newspaper. She is recovering and crazy, about The Simpsons.  
JoAnna RoseAnna also has a  menacing obsession to create and report  lies and untruths in her PDX propaganda agenda driven newspaper against hard working union Tri Met bus operators.

She sometimes gets around in a wagon downhill, takes fast short cuts on her bike through other people’s property and runs red lights and stop signs for fun. She also rides the No 666 bus to and from her home and takes the MAX because she likes to trip out occasionally. She says it reminds her of a Sci-Fi Channel movie Sponge Bob Square Pants Bike 3D.
Her first car was a 1978 pedal-powered Pinto (if you don't count that when she was 2). She doesn’t like smart cars cause they are smarter than her.
Favorite movie: The Triplett’s of Belleville."Her vote for best road-trip song: Fat Bottomed Girls. 
▶ Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls (Official Video) - YouTube

JoAnna RoseAnna is also a cheerleader of an alternative bicycle cult and worship movement in her local church. The movement creates worship services based on the music of popular bicycle contemporary musicians such as Queen (Bicycle Race), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Bicycle Song), The Swallows (Bicycle Tillie), Ugly Kid Joe (Bicycle Wheels) and Junior Reed (Poor Man Transportation). She is known as "the Queen of Hymns".  JoAnna RoseAnna describes that she really isn’t connected to part of the very secular Oregon. But she cops a feel when she can spiritually with her connection to popular music and bicycles and bash an operator when the occasion arises or paid to do so.

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