Thursday, March 12, 2015

Trimess strikes again

A reader writes :
Last april, had 2 accidents with cars and max trains at 108th at Burnside, both causing serious damage to 2 of my trees and landscape, lots of repair,   I have been asking trimet since then, to create a turn lane on 108th from the east bound lane over the track to the west bound lane.  
 The only NO U TURN signage is 20 feet above the intersection where the stop signals are located. 
When was the last time u looked 20 feet up to find a no-u turn sign????
Many people never see it , many are older because we live near Russelville, which is a retirement facility.
They say they put a turn lane on paper and are in the process of reviewing it and designing it, so far they have not shown any proof that it exists on paper.
The city cant touch the tracks because it is leased to trimet and trimet wont manage their own property because they ....well Just wont!
Anyway I told them just put a sign at eye level, for safety's sake.... and they said it wasn't possible without review and design and blah blah blah
But there is already a sign there,,( it says do not enter) just put one on the same pole below they existing sign..... still nothing.
3 days ago JC Vannatta called me....(he must of drawn the short straw)   
and guess what, I got a sign the next day..but as u see from the picture...its really insulting what they put up.
I think the image tells it all.

Today they painted the curbs....2 curbs out of 4...but that's another story...LOL

And although the turn lane has yet to be proven to my satisfaction i know JC sees it in his computer because he said something about this job costing 400 thousand dollars and well isn't that like his Christmas bonus? LOL  they dont want to spend the money I can tell, but time will tell.
I looked out to see a truck, as he walked arcoss the street he saw me standing in the door....he said, " it looked ok to me"  than said " u know, I had to go all the way to milwaukie for this?"   I said well, that's what trimet pays u for.   than he said, " its a bit anal retentive for me"
  classic  stuff!
now the sign makes sense.
This is supposed to be a "NO U-TURN" sign?

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