Monday, March 16, 2015


When our current officers changed our Charter meeting days and times and failed to check if it would affect our bylaws is what set up   our election problems (failure #1). 
Then in December 2014 or January 2015 who ever scheduled with “TrueBallot” setting the date for June 23, 2015 over looked that it would affect when nominations could take place (failure #2). 
When the notice was set up no one verified (1) the time between nomination to vote and (2) the time for the regular meeting is no longer 3pm (failure #3).
Our officers did not become aware of this until my email February 9th about the time span. In a scramble to figure out how to correct this they contacted “TrueBallot” so they could change the count date. “TrueBallot” was not able to reschedule due to the fact that during that time they were already scheduled for a different location. 
In an attempt to cover up their mistakes they discovered the 3-4 week recommendation from Department of Labor and found the perfect escape so that they can safely get away with violating 3 bylaws and not have to reveal the lack of research they did that created this mess. 
If our officers are truly wanting to follow Department of Labor recommendations then how come only the 3-4 week mailing? What about the 4-6 week campaigning recommendation? So no our officers do not want to share the full story and is very happy with just letting everyone believe that they are worried about the members having enough mailing time
Chris Day has been keeping a close eye on our union officials

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