Thursday, March 12, 2015

Didn't take long for this award

The group was started last year and now this year they get themselves an award from Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety and Health Conference! 
“extraordinary contributions to the field of workplace safety and health!
Dan Martin is the man in the middle!


Unknown said...

We are exactly safer how??????

Unknown said...

is Dan a bus driver?

Al M said...

Yes he is and the Powell union rep.

I'm starting to wonder if Trimet is trying to facilitate his run for VP

Unknown said...

Al i think Beasley was joking because Dan has not driven a bus this whole year

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Oh absolutely TriMet is facilitating his run for VP and you just wait they will be facilitating Bruce's run for president. I'm sure we will be hearing that grievances have been settled that have been "out there" for a while and everything is just Rosy!! Randy can't wait for our ass kissers to be in office for the next negotiations!! Dan has been working with the new hires at the expense of TriMet, could be the difference in the upcoming elections.