Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Henry Beasley

Dear brothers and sisters
I would sincerely like to thank each and every one that I meet last week.  Last week was a struggle to get a bylaws change that we thought would make it a fairer election process for “all” members of ATU757.  Even though there were good debates on how we should go forward, there was also fear mongering and flat out lies being tossed around. All in all it shows us that we really need to take steps to review all of our bylaws and make the necessary updates that comply with our local, International and the Department of Labor.  It also shows us that we need to have an inclusive bylaws committee made up of all the properties so that no member feels like they’ve been left out of the processes.
A special shout out to those I met at the following properties:  Lane Transit district brothers and sister were very welcoming and nice and I was happy to meet all of you.  I’m going to take you folks up on driving one of the articulated buses (The Hulks).  Portland Public Schools and First Transit brothers and sisters were also very welcoming and gracious and were willing to hear all takes on the purposed change to our bylaws.  I also feel your pain when I mentioned that under the current rules that members there have no shot a fielding a qualified candidate for the top 3 positions, which in the future members there would not have to mention that “Trimet gets to makes all the decisions;” we can do better by each and every member in our union and no one should feel like they are low hanging fruit, I hear your pain.  And last by not in the least C-tran, thanks again for the spirited debate and I enjoyed every minute I was there and the wonderful members that were gracious and welcoming and I appreciate each and every one that came.   Thank you all.
p.s. I would also thank my fellow brothers and sisters at trimet who through spirited debates, arguing our points to make a more perfect union, thanks as always.  An extra special shout out to brother Chris day and sister Anna hicks for putting up with my constant talk about everything under the sun about rebuilding our union to be the best union shop in our state.
Henry Beasley
Your brother on the front lines.
Union strong

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