Tuesday, March 17, 2015

RE: 0621501 ATU757 member requesting cost and service information.

Chris Day has been checking the validity of ATU757's facts and figures. It is becoming clear that ATU757 operates exactly like TRIMET. Both are very secretive and both expect everyone to believe their facts and figures because 'they say so'.

Chris is trying to verify the stated union costs. Below is the latest chapter in this  drama .

Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 5:48 PM
Subject: ATU757 member requesting cost and service information.

Dear True Ballot,

Hi my name is Christopher Day and I am sending this email to request information about your cost and the service you are providing to our membership. Are you able to provide me with what the current cost for the services you will be providing us for the vote count that is being done for ATU757 on June 23rd, 2015? Myself and many other members are wanting to have the true cost of your service and we would also like to know what additional cost it would be if we were to have a Run-Off. Would your cost double? If you are able to can you please provide the current cost that we are paying for your services and what the cost would be if there was a Run-Off?
We are also wanting to better understand the service that you are providing our membership. Are you able to include a breakdown of the services that you are providing us?

In advance thank you for your time and reply.
Chris Day

From: john seibel <>
Date:03/17/2015 4:07 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: 'Christopher Day' <>
Cc: 'Lane Toensmeier' <>
Subject: RE: 0621501 ATU757 member requesting cost and service information.
Mr. Day:
Thank you for your email.
For a host of reasons, it would be inappropriate for me to engage in a discussion with you regarding the Local 757 election.
I am copying counsel to the union with this response for any further response to your inquiry.
I’m also forwarding the second email that you sent.
Thanks again.

John L. Seibel
TrueBallot, Inc.
(301) 656-9500

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