Saturday, March 28, 2015

Three added bus stops get a press release

TriMet extends Line 8 to NE Dekum Ave and MLK Jr Blvd, adding three new stops | TriMet News and Media Releases

1. It's Dekum Street, not Dekum Avenue.
2. They're not going to be doing it until June.
3. This is something that could have been done a long time ago, as buses are already continuing past these stops. Having buses serve them does not take a schedule or route change and should be separate from where the layover is as the current and all proposed layovers require buses to travel to MLK.
4. They could also have buses serve stops on MLK, saving people from having to transfer to/from Line 6 or walk up to 3/4ths of a mile (if a stop was placed at Mallory and Columbia).  It is true that not all buses go to the layover, but those that don't could be identified as only going to/from Dekum.

Also, Line 6 stops up to every block in the area. PSU student Zef Wagner analyzed the stop spacing (presentation, I have not watched the video) over a year ago and found that it would be beneficial to remove the stops at both Bryant and Holland.  It appears this has not been done.  (An alternative would be to combine the Holland and Morgan stops into a new stop at Buffalo; neither of those streets have a marked crosswalk while Buffalo does.)

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