Saturday, March 14, 2015

ATU757 bylaws change goes down in flames

Our union officers fought hard against the proposed bylaw change which  would provide for special elections if there was no clear winner (50% +1) in the general election. 

The tiny % of union members that bothered to show up at the meetings (less than 3%) played follow the leaders and gave the executives what they wanted.

Not unexpected from my point of view.

Union leaders have a vested interest in making sure things don't change at ATU757.

For some reason the members that show up at these meetings just don't trust anyone who dare question the prevailing paradigm.
Not much different from the American voters who keep electing two parties that have consistently shown they could care less about citizens.

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Al M said...

There are so many parallels in the way ATU and Trimet operates its scary.

It appears to me that ATU is nothing more than a department of the trimet structure