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February's weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While the errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

#20 Line 20 to Beaverton Transit Center: Regular route to Stark and 162nd. left 162nd right Powell right 148th left Stark and regular route until clear.
[Why go all the way down to Powell? Wouldn't Main or Division work?]

#35 Line 35 Greeley is blocked from Going to I-5. Please follow your detour in both directions.
[What is it?]

#35 Line 35 inbound detour: Regular route to Greeley and Going, left Going, right Interstate to Greeley and regular route Until clear.
[should maybe make it clear to take the second ramp that leads to eastbound Going]

#35 Line 35 outbound detour: Regular route to Interstate and Greeley, continue Greeley, left Going, right Greeley and regular route Until clear.
["continue Greeley" should be "continue Interstate"]

The elevator at the Hollywood/NE 42nd Ave Transit Center is out of service. Those reliant on elevator service should connect with trains at Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave or NE 60th Ave MAX stations.
[How? Why not say to use Line 77 to/from either Rose Quarter or NE 82nd Ave?]

MAX Blue Line stopped btwn E 148th & Cleveland due to collision w/car at 132nd/Burnside.Buses providing alt service; expect delays up to 20 mins thru 8pm.
[Not the usual quality of the normally professional MAX alerts. Also, were trains really traveling through the incident area but not beyond it?]

#19 Line 19 Gateway:

#17 Line 17 outbound: regular route to 29th & Mason, left Mason, right 27th to Skidmore & regular route Line 17 inbound: regular route to 27th & Skidmore, left Mason, right 29th and regular route Until clear.
[How do you turn onto Mason from 27th and Skidmore?]

#4 Line 4 to St Johns:regular route to Ivanhoe and Chicago continue Ivanhoe right Richmond and regular route until further notice.
[buses don't normally go through the intersection of Ivanhoe and Chicago, or down Ivanhoe at all]

#44 Line 44 to Pier Park: regular route to Lombard and Charleston Ave left Charleston right Ivanhoe street right New York left Lombard and regular route until clear.
[Line 44 normally goes up Charleston to Lombard, so the detour should start by continuing on Ivanhoe]

#70 Line 70 to CRCF Regular route to 33rd and Dekum then left Dekum, right 15th, left Lombard, right 11th, right Columbia, left 21st and regular route. until further notice.
[a shorter detour would be to take 32nd instead of 15th, and take Lombard Place from 11th to Columbia]

#75 Line 75 to St. Johns detour: Regular route to Naa, when exiting regular route to 47th and Columbia, left 47th go up overpath right at top of hill to Lombard St left 33rd, Jog onto Dekum then regular route.
[Naa? Overpath?]

#75 Line 75 to Pier Park ONLY:Regular route right to 42nd and Holman,Veer Left to Lombard St, left Lombard, left 33rd St Exit, right 33rd, left Dekum and regular route right NAYA BUSES-Service NAYA regular route,then left 47th, right Exit for Lombard St, continue detour.
[the ramp to 33rd ends across from Dekum, so "right 33rd, left Dekum" should really be "straight onto Dekum", also that ramp really isn't an exit]

#19 Rex Loop trips will not serve stops between SE 27th and SE Knapp from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday February 23 through Friday February 27, due to construction. Use temporary stop on Knapp at 28th.
["Rex Loop" is informal/internal]

#57 Line 57 to Beaverton Transit Center: regular route to TV Hwy and Brookwood right Brookwood go around the traffice circle to the third exit which would be east on Alexander left 234th right TV Hwy and regular route until clear.

#77 Line 77 detour inbound -regular route 80th and Duke, right 80th, left Henery, left 74th, right Duke and Regular route.
[should not have been sent to Line 77]

#67 line 67, detour Going to 158th & Max, regular route 158 & walker, right Walker, left 173rd into 170th, left Merlo, turn around merlo garage, left Merlo, right 170th, into 173rd, right Walker, left 158th until further notice.
[could have used Baseline instead of Walker for a shorter detour and to miss less of the route; also need a temp stop by the garage]

#14 UPDATE Line 14 to 94th and Foster ONLY:Regular route right at Hawthorne and 47th at 18:03.
[then 5 minutes later]
#14 UPDATE Line 14 to 94th and Foster ONLY:Regular route right at Hawthorne and 47th stay on Hawthrtone regular route@ 18:03.
[then 5 minutes later]
#14 UPDATE Line 14 to 94th and Foster ONLY buses are Regular route right TO 94th and FOSTER...To Portland use the detour.

#72 Line 72. Your westbound stop on Killingsworth at 48th is closed until further notice.
[there is no stop at 48th]

#15 LINE 15 Westbound ONLY: ALL STOPS are closed between SE 12th & Grand due to paving in 2nd right lanes - DO NOT STOP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!
[not even for traffic signals?]

#21 Line 21 detoured to Gresham: regular route to Sandy Blvd and Fairview ave, right Fairview ave, left Halsey, to 238th and regular route reverse to Parkrose until further notice.
[the regular route uses Halsey going the oncoming direction, so there better be a way for buses to turn around at 238th]

#9 Line 9 Westbound detour: Regular route to Powell and 202nd, right 212th , left Division, left 182nd, right Powell and regular route.
[how do you turn onto 212th if you've already gone past it to 202nd?]

#4 #44 #75 Lines 4,44, 75 back to regular route in St Johns from traffic back up detour.

#4 Line 4 to Gresham: Regular route to Oswego and Princeton, left Tyler, left Central, left Charleston, right Lombard and regular route. until further notice.
[how do you turn onto Tyler at Oswego and Princeton?]

#4 LINE 4 Northbound Regular route to Kilpatrick & Brandon, right Brandon, left Argyle Way, left Argyle St, left Delaware, right Halleck, & Regular route Southbound REVERSE.
["Argyle Way" should really be "Argyle Street", and Chris Day was having issues with the island on Delaware at Arlington when this routing was used before]

#57 Line 57 to Beaverton Transit Center: Regular route to Dennis and Oak and Dennis the continue Oak, left Adams, left Baseline, right Dennis and regular route until clear.
["Dennis and Oak and Dennis"?]

#4 No service to westbound stops between Brandon and Delaware.
[there is just one stop, at Delaware]

#4 #44 Lines 4 & 44 the stop at Vancouver and Stanton will remain closed for the rest of this week as weather has delayed construction.
#4 #44 The stop on N Vancouver at Stanton will remain closed for the rest of this week as weather has delayed construction. Use stop at Fargo or Knott.
[should have also been for Line 24]

#70 Line 70:Train blocking at Gideon, use Train blocking detour from your regular route detour sheet. :)
[don't think operators feel :) about that, especially if any are stuck and can't]

#4 #24 #44 Lines 4,24,44 the stop at Vancouver and Stanton is closed until 2/9/15.
[this was sent on the 9th]

#75 Line 75 detour inbound, regular route to Lombard & MKL, continue Lombard, right 15th, left Dekum, then regular route.

#9 Line 9: Stop closed eastbound Powell and 22nd until further notice. temporary stop near side 21st.
[there is no stop at 22nd]

#20 The line 20 is for REAL this time back to regular route! the time is 1:15 pm.

#20 Line 20 to Gresham regular route to St. Vincent's hospital: right Barnes left Baltic left US 26th on ramp Eastbound veer right Exit 3rd, Jefferon continue Jefferson veer right around Collins Circle into 18th right Burnside and regular route until further notice.
["veer right around Collins Circle into 18th" should really be "left 18th" as traffic defaults onto Columbia St]

#20 Line 20 to Gresham Regular route Burnside and Skyline right Skyline to HWY 26 Eastbound get on freeway 26th Eastbound Take the Jeffeson exit right 18th left Burnside and regular route until further notice.
[should not be "right 18th"]

The elevator for the Sunset Transit Center's westbound MAX platform is out of service. Those relying on elevator service should ride to Beaverton Transit Center and take an eastbound train back to Sunset TC. The elevator for the eastbound platform is operating. We apologize for the inconvenience.
[should also mention to ride to Washington Park and back, or maybe take Line 20, if you're trying to board there]

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Al M said...

And Jason apologizing for carelessness again.

There wrong alerts lead to confusion which leads to stranded riders.

It's an institutional fail and needs to be corrected not apologized for