Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Former Trimet executive Michael Ford spent $40k tax dollars on dinners out

Michael Ford lives well off the tax payers
Former Ann Arbor transit authority CEO spent $40K on taxpayer-funded meals |

The public is oblivious to the luxury that is afforded the sociopaths that are in charge of America's transit systems.
The 'executives', which are basically a private club ,think they are entailed to  six figure salaries, six figure pensions and unlimited expense accounts to attend all sort of seminars all over the USA and even foreign travel in some cases.
Right here in Portland we all know the luxury afforded to former Trimet general manager Fred Hansen with his $204k/year  pension. And current general manager Neil Mcfarlane has his nice $230k salary with a guaranteed $156k/yr pension when he decides he wants to quit. What people don't realize is that his board of sock puppets also hand him a $66,000 expense account!

While these transit executives live like kings they have skillfully portrayed their union employees who are the ones who are greedy, getting things like health care for example.
The American public,as stupid as they are, can't see the forest from the trees.

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