Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Henry Beasley questions ATU757 E-Board ethics

The union e-board members are allowed DOUBLE influence over union events. 
They are the ones the make the recommendations to the members, but then they vote again with the members.
The union executive officers (president, vp, secretary) don't get a vote when the members are voting, why do the e-board members get to vote twice? 
The e-board made its recommendation to the members it should be the members that get to vote on whatever the issue is. The fact that the e-board members not only get to vote on whether they support or reject an issue and then get to vote during the general vote skews the results.
There were at least 6 e-board members at the vote on Monday, they voted "NO" which is the recommendation they gave to the general membership. If those e-board members were not allowed to vote with the general membership the monday vote would have been
31 No 29 Yes!
And right now the election results would be 33 "NO" 38 "YES"
The more you see how our union operates the more troubling it becomes


Ryan Beasley said...

What e-board members voted which way...for instance did Dan Martin vote in favor or against the recommendation...

Al M said...

They all voted no

Henry Beasley said...

Just to be clear, I'm not saying it violates by-laws or anything illegal, its just something shady that looked out of line ethically. If you have a "vote" to recommend it, then you get to "vote" to say the same thing with members. I call it "2" votes, I say they should have abstained.

Al M said...

I totally agree. Once a member accepts the role of officer on the executive board they should Definately abstain from the general voting especially since they are 'required' to attend the charter meetings and so few active employees can attend due to work schedules.