Sunday, March 8, 2015

#Trimetized! #Trimessedup!

Dear Mr. Bell (Please see my story, Skanner Newspaper Reporters):

I am contacting you directly to see if you have received my disability/race discrimination complaint that I sent to you months ago. My name is Kimberly Petitt; I am a disabled African American woman.
 My complaint should have been received by you/Tri-met some time ago (December 2014). I looked you up on the internet and you are the diversity director at Tri-met and you are African American. Is there any reason you have not ever responded to my complaint? The infraction happened at the Beaverton Transit Center on December 12, 2014. Another incident occurred August 25, 2014 where my disability chair was damaged by Tri-met at the Hillsboro Max. I have not received a response from you on that one either. The last incident happened in January where another Max operator closed the doors on me refusing to allow me to exit at the Sunset Transit Center. Both operators who discriminated against me were/are white males.

I always had good faith in Tri-Met and read the websites that seem to imply that Tri-met really values the lives of all its commuters, and cares for the disabled's needs very much, but now the way I have been treated for just coming forward with truthful complaints, I am feeling that Tri-met is only trying to shut me down; why? It causes more persistence and anger, distress when they keep trying to ignore my complaints. Also, there are witnesses but to date Tri-met has never asked for them either. Why?

Thank you for letting me know immediately; today. I need honest and upright explanations. I did a bit more research to see that both you and Monika Johnson are Black? Then why all the discriminatory and fraudulent treatment thus far? Have my complaints even been forwarded to your department? I have kept all correspondence hence to present.
Kimberly Petitt

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