Saturday, September 22, 2012


Bus operators gave emotional testimony at a Wednesday meeting of the County Board's Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee, saying disputes with riders over the validity of paper transfers were the cause of dangerous confrontations.
During the session, more than a dozen drivers stood silently in the meeting room, holding up paper transfers, until called on to speak.

"When I started this job, it was a good job," she said, struggling to maintain her composure. Aggressive incidents had changed that, she said, noting many other cities abolished transfers years ago. The cost to the bus system in unpaid fares and drivers who miss work because of injuries inflicted by violent passengers should outweigh financial concerns transit system managers have raised in opposing any quick or novel attempt to do away with transfers, she said.

Bus drivers want surplus to go toward fare changes

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Jason McHuff said...

I've read Scott Walker, etc really cut down the transit service there