Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Trimet fare inspectors make me want to sob LEAVE ME ALONE
Hey Trimet riders, if you're feeling queasy, PLEASE, sit near the lil' garbage can and not in front of the back door of the bus! 

Surprise surprise. MAX is fucked again. At this point I genuinely feel that owes me something back on the month pass I purchased. 

100 a month is bullshit for the service trimet comes through with for a pass

PSU Fall term tuition: $5700. Trimet Flexpass valid Sept to Dec: $200. Constant squints of suspicion from C-Tran drivers: priceless. :P 

No worries. No one wants to sit there.

Killingsworth MAX station ticket machine down. Again.  

Still no response whatsoever from TriMet and the MAX congestion continues. A month now to date. SMH.  

once again the max is late at the clackamas town center. 

Oh. And there's a middle schooler sitting across from me picking their nose. That's nice. idiots at work 

People who think they rule the bus and can do whatever they want on it make me want to punch them. Idiots.  

With how much $ it costs, it's unacceptable for the MAX to be consistently late & break down every wk. I need to get places in time.  

Back door on bus 2012 rings like distant alarm bell when green light on. Someone prob’ly now believes in endtimes 

first time I've seen doors open on the wrong side of the train at a MAX station

Got to take one of the brand new buses on the 72 line--very nice! New car smell. 

ABSOLUTE PROOF can set up an electronic rider alert for rt 43 but chooses NOT to

Riding Trimet as a senior feels pathetic...  

why can't the 35 ever be on time in the morning? 

TVM 88 kaput 5th & morrison  

That was NOT a good sound coming from the front of 1403...gotta love these creaky old 22 year old buses on the road 

Next two Red Line trains: one minute, then 46. Oooops.  

These newest Trimet Max trains are nothing but trouble. Broken down at Millikan Way.

Trimet isn't a Taxi, you fucks. If your whole party isn't there when the bus comes and goes, then you get to wait. Dumbasses. 

It always weirds me out to see a new line number. Today it was line 11.  

Currently sitting on a Trimet bus so new that the only identifiable odor is brand spanking new plastic.  

Won't take long. I was on a new one the other day on the 72 that stunk. 

13 letter word for ASSHOLE; Neil Mcfarlane! RT Every Tuesday these same guys are on the bus doing crosswords.  

How much did spend to get numbers nowhere near as impressive? Time for some real investment.

I seriously HATE like everyone on here smells, is weird, and stares at me like I look worse than them....  

Trimet fare inspectors make me want to sob LEAVE ME ALONE 

When u take trimet u meet so many freaks and crazy ppl!!  

Oh great, packed train an on come to garbage bags of empty beer cans Really!! 

Who says nobody rides buses? 9409 on Barbur  

Someone dropped their hat as they got off the bus making 5 people to start trying to get her attention. It worked. Yay good riders! 

On bus 2215, line 19 and the traffic is NUTS! NO SEATS AND NO WAY TO STAND UP! 

life isn't all roses sometimes it sucks. And i did post a "good" trimet video yesterday... 

Have to say the lady driver on bus 33 that finished at 4pm was the friendliest,nicest person yet 

why not tweet real time alerts when something is wrong with the max rather than making riders wonder what is going on? 

every day almost for the last week and a half, something has been wrong with the max and the info on the site has been nonexistent. 

Wb Max train stuck at Beaverton transit platform (? Missed part of announcement). Waiting at sunset on red line.  

..high school kids enter bus..Andi instantly felt like the old man..because they were to loud and dressed  

Love how the #70 bus on trimet just sometimes decides not to show. At least I'm not being sexually assaulted on it right now.

At the rate the is moving, i'd rather walk back to mt scott  

9411 has bus 2111 on 9409 tail 

Some1 is literally having a stroke on an eastbound Max @ Hollywood. Med is on way..let people start blaming trimet in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... 

surprise surprise the 12 east bound is late. 

I gotta give the operator of this Max credit-she was constantly updating us as she was hearing it on radio. 

I feel so bad for the employees of trimet.. 

MAX train at Main has been at 8min due for 30mins. May not be able to go anywhere. Course, already bought ticket with last dollars. 

Hm. A paid object like a car doesn't guarantee it delivering you on time. A paid service like Trimet should. 

With how much $ it costs, it's unacceptable for the MAX to be consistently late & break down every wk. I need to get places in time. 

The bus driver is talking on the phone  

Best thing about Portland light rail: it's reliable. The 6:12 downtown Yellow Line train is always here by 6:20, 6:22 at the latest.  

Can any green line train ride I go on go according to schedule? I've only been taking the train for like a month. WTF Am I a jinx?  

Whoa. Driver is tired. And irritated. . <yourtime


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