Thursday, October 25, 2012



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Erik H. said...

$291,720,480 is going to buy...what?

At $425,000 a pop, that exact amount of money would purchase 686 brand new Gillig Low Floor buses.

That's right - this no debate resolution approved money that is going to go to a contractor, without bid or consideration, for a tiny, tiny portion of a light rail project - would replace EVERY SINGLE bus in TriMet's fleet, AND add about 80 buses.

Unlike the Stacy & Witbeck handout, the new buses would have an immediate positive impact on TriMet's financials - resulting in less fuel purchases, lower maintenance needs (thus reduction in mechanic staff and spare parts), increase rider satisfaction (thus improving farebox revenues), decrease road calls (thus more reliable buses, fewer need for road reliefs and extra buses to park and wait for a breakdown) and increase the number of vehicles in service.