Sunday, August 25, 2013


Cost of living in LA much higher than Portland
Fact: TriMet’s flat fare rate is on par with peer agencies on the west coast. Out of the five cities the ATU cited, only one includes a transfer in their base ticket price. All others are one ride only or apply additional fees for transfers. When you take into account the transfer time included in TriMet fares, the total costs averages out.

LA METRO- $1.50 base fare plus 35 cents metro to muni transfer. (lower than Trimet)
But where LA Metro completely decimated Trimet is on the passes.

EZ transit pass Good for travel on Metro bus, Metro Rail and many additional carriers $84 (Trimet is $100)

Senior/Disabled/Medicare 30-Day Pass - $14 (Trimet $26 that's almost double for people on fixed incomes)

College/Vocational 30-Day Pass $36 (Trimet $100- no reduced fare for college students, that's 300% more than LA Metro)

Students (K-8 and 9-12) 30-Day Pass - $24 (Trimet $30, or 20% higher)

As always, Trimet distorts facts to attempt to 'prove' their point of view, and here we see just how messed up that is.

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