Tuesday, August 27, 2013


"We are so pleased that you have won this award we want to give it to you in person. Please come in the office to one of the managers so we can do that!"

If they actually meant that they would come out into the field and present the award to the operator in this fashion "Hi Operator X, we want to present this award to you and thank you for the great job your doing" and then leave. Simple and fast. The fact that the managers want operators to take their personal time and go see them is very indicative of the management at Trimet. It all about them. 

 It would also be nice if they actually gave the best performing operators a little something, say a $50 gift certificate since the best operators cost the company zero in claims. But Trimet doesn't do that anymore. They spend millions and millions on boondoggles but can't find the loose change to hand tiny awards to operators

When the operator finally made time to go back into the office there were no managers around and the secretary took it out of the file cabinet and handed it to the operator. And they can't put it in the mail because 'they care'?

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