Sunday, August 25, 2013


Fact: TriMet’s flat fare rate is on par with peer agencies on the west coast. Out of the five cities the ATU cited, only one includes a transfer in their base ticket price. All others are one ride only or apply additional fees for transfers. When you take into account the transfer time included in TriMet fares, the total costs averages out.

In doing the research for this segment the first thing that shouted out at me was this:

Late night transfers issued by drivers on surface vehicles after 8:30 pm are valid until 5:00 am. (This is what OPAL has been asking for)

Regular Adult $2.00 includes transfer. (Trimet $2.50 or 20% higher, living in SF is much more expensive than living in Portland)

Now lets take a look at what MUNI riders pay for passes:
Regular Adult $66.00, all MUNI Vehicles ( TRIMET=$100; 34% lower than Trimet despite the much higher cost of living
$76.00 if you want unlimited BART access also (still 24% lower than TRIMET)

Low Income (Lifeline) Pass $33 (Trimet=$100 no such animal exists in the light rail paradise)

Youth (5-17), Senior (65+), Disabled, Medicare $23.00 (TRIMET=$26 for disabled and $30 for high school or less)

Strike two, TRIMET is distorting again.

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