Friday, August 30, 2013


#15 Line 15: THURMAN LOOP ONLY.Your stop at Thurman & 26th Ave. will be closed as of 8pm tonite. This will be both directions Do not service that stop under any circumstances.

#4 Line 4 Division Please continue to do the detour at Division and Chavez. It may look open but you need to remain on detour Thanks.

#76 Line 76 due to the construction, buses are authorized to leave the Tualatin Transit Center 3 minutes early.

#16 Line 16 Back to regular route on Naito. Train Is Gone!!!

#12 Line 12 Westbound ONLY: Regular route to 230th and Sandy, right 230th, left Townsend Way, left 223rd, right Sandy, & Regular route UNTIL: 5p.
#12 Line 12 - please disregard the 230th and Sandy detour.

#17 Line 17 there is a detour at 27th and Saratoga. If you did NOT get the detour send a PRTT message. Thanks.

#9 #17 #19 Lines 9,17,19 Westbound: there is an accident blocking the right lane at the crest of the Ross Island Bridge. Please use left lane after clearing last stop on the east end of the bridge.

#8 Line 8 is back to regular route at 15th & Killingsworth - construction has ended early - advise to hold back at traffic light as signs will remain in place for a time.

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