Saturday, August 31, 2013


When it comes to real time alerts TRIMETSCANNER is the place to be. When the scanner is being monitored and tweeted by the three main volunteers who keep this going it is the only place you can get 'real time' alerts. Trimet, being a bureaucracy,  is unable to do almost anything in 'real time' due to multiple levels of management that insist on making 'declarations' only from their office.

In this particular incident Scanner won's hands down on Trimet with its alert  but when the incident was over there was no chatter on the scanner. (unless we missed it) so Trimet got exclusive rights to that tweet. Trimet never had twitter alerts on weekends or M-F after 4:30pm. Lately we have been seeing Trimet step into off time alerts, which you would think they would have been doing all along.
We think that Trimet instructs personnel to keep service resumption notices off the air so Trimet can be the first to announce it. Obviously in response to Scanner's performance that shows how badly Trimet is dropping the ball.

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