Friday, August 30, 2013


Karla Oviatt Pixler · Bartender at Looking for a new gigI have seen drivers talking on their phones while driving, often to dispatch, so while Trimet might be saying one thing publicy they are doing another privately. In the above photo it appears that the driver is stopped at a bus transit center but no one seemed to notice that. There is even another bus in front of it pulling away from thw curb. Sounds suspect to me. Anyone who haa reas anything about Trimet or knows anyone who works there they know that they are famous for the old bait & switch, trying to draw our attention in one direction so we are looking at the folly of the drivers rather than at what Trimet is trying to get past the commission so they are able to expand into areas in which they are not wanted all in the name of personal profit. I am less concerned about a driver texting at a light or while on break at a stop than I am about Trimet infringing on the public that does not always want them

TriMet asks its drivers to put phones away | Portland

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