Monday, August 26, 2013


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Well the day has come. Time to break up with all my  bus drivers. It wasn't you it was me. You'll find new passengers.

Trivia Zannah ‏@WhereIsZannah 29m
I'm really tired of #TriMet drivers who speed, slam on breaks, speed, slam breaks, speed and jerk to a stop. I'm gonna puke, LEARN TO DRIVE!

my bus driver is clearly intoxicated. Just lettin ya know.

Wait. They expect the trains to come perpendicular to the track??!! @ TriMet Millikan Way MAX Station

78/67 "DROP OFF ONLY"... At least 78/69 a few minutes behind, where's the 76?

Nothin like dealing with claustrophobia and the smell of body odor, urine and stale beer in an enclosed area. 😫

Public transportation will make car loan debt seem totally worth it.

Gotta love the really old Trimet buses

Trimet doesn't like my cash and cars no money sigh

No trimet bus for me ..

I bet Trimet makes a lot of money

To the person that stole my card last night and spent $200 on TriMet at 4 a.m. - The only place you're going is H-E double hockey sticks.

shut up hoe it's trimet number

How the hell does an entire bus just not show up? Was there a dragon? Did a Hellmouth open up and swallow it?

Liked portland transit (ad free shelters!) until a trolley wouldn't shut up about its sponsor. All good will to dead in one moment

Driving from Eugene to Albany, I passed a TriMet bus. Why?

The rain really brings out the particular wet bus smell the 1700s typically have 9 months out of the year. Fall is here.

This yellow line smells mildly like gasoline. Let's not explode today, ok?

Excellence in bus stops. ADA non-compliant, unsafe concrete retaining wall, no safe place to wait

10am on a goddamn wednesday you are out of your fucking minds

Overhearing a driver, explaining his No. 12 started downtown; that's why 2-3 end up together at times.

Wow !!! Three 12 Sandy buses stopped 5th @ Hall northbound. THREE!! That is quality timekeeping!!

This is the pinnacle of rudeness on public transit!

So, , how does it make sense that the bus in my area gets completely redirected so it would take 52 minutes to get to the Sunset TC?

Is this the quality service we get for your insanely increasing prices?

Where is the 92? 1st and Columbia. 15 min late. Unacceptable!

Trimet 😡

Oh my god.. There is a women riding the TriMet with a full in beard!! It's a women too, trust me.

Love the flat fare system rode the MAX all day, now back to airport. Thank you.

Fuck trimet right now. 2ND bus fucking 15mins late D:<

There are five Trimet drivers on the max ranting about all the ways people cheat the system. Thanks, now I know :-)

Todays morning/midday driver of 48/68 is 10 minutes late leaving Hillsboro TC.

Started way early, getting off early. I hate riding outside rush hour. Never know what creatures come out of the woodwork.

just not the bus 70 passed me at stop 635 without stopping. He didn't even look in this direction.

The ticket validator V316 at stop 11500 has been broken for some time.

I've been waiting 25 minutes for a westbound MAX. No train, no word from . Happy Monday.

they could just call it the Trimet Lottery Train since the chances of it being on time are about the same

PDX ghost bus, thank you

One of these days the Blue Line MAX Westbound will actually be on time, for once, & no one will be here because it's so unexpected

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