Friday, August 23, 2013


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Nice going . I got here 18 minutes ago, the tracker said the bus would be here in 18 minutes, and now it says it'll be 18 minutes.

it seems the community service thing he said was true tho

it has a fucking nickname (Trimet Tuesday), just take the reduction/service >_<

atleast not a penny of that 60 will go to trimet (it all goes to the state)

lol fuck you trimet

some people complain about the fine being absolutely ridiculous for the problem. cars without a ticket are only fined 30$

Since I'm stuck here waiting for a late bus, I feel its appropriate to bitch about how much I fucking hate the bus.

I think it's cute that bus drivers wave at each other.

Nothing fun about a biker eating it in the Max tracks. He's good, but the cops gave him something for riding in the Trimet lane. Jeeeze

I don't understand how a bus line w/ regular runs, i.e.~15 minutes, can be 20 minutes late.

the basic thing ive learned from looking for information on how to handle this is that Trimet is corrupt as fuck. whos surprised?

My awesome 75 bus drivers name is Deb. She's awesome and snarky also she has a lazy eye. Say hi! Though she might snark at you.  

Blue lines out of Hillsboro are so messed up right now.

Hope you can catch my podcast, broadcast from the MAX and featuring drunk people speaking incoherently with barely concealed rage.

bus 2920 towards beaverton just ran a red light, nearly hitting a pedestrian who had a walk sign.

Problem w/ 6? Been at stop 5931 for :50 min. No buses!

Many thanks to bus driver who waited for me as I had to wait ages to cross Foster this morning, as usual

So sad to hear my favorite operator is leaving job after 33 years. Best weather reports! He'll be missed

0740 58 was at LEAST 4 minutes early to 10168. Came out of tunnel at 0736, didn't see it come down Jefferson, gone on TT, no show.

ops have no right to get upset if they drop off at alternate stop (45 @ 1114, MAX courtesy) and people want to get on to downtown.

I understand and appreciate the 45 courtesy but why it can't go both ways is inexplicable. No, the bus is not OOS after that drop.

I'm only 5 stops from the start of the line. How can you be running late already?

Well the day has come. Time to break up with all my  bus drivers. It wasn't you it was me. You'll find new passengers.

Dude yesterday on my bus started shouting out phrases from Star Trek. "Warp Ten, Sulu!"

I love it when my regular bus randomly decides to arrive ultra early so I miss it.

The upside to all the construction out my window? All the very hot construction workers.

Choices waiting for Max: watch someone cleaning between their toes, or someone angrily trying to get a call through on a pay phone.

My bus just passed two double decker hats, guy in front's outfit rivaled the mad hatters.

Talk to the op please. Saw him/her leave at 0737. No need to leave 3 min early when only 4 stops left in route.

Something is up with EB blue line trains. Every one I've seen this AM are only going to Gateway TC.

  1. Gate broken at Hocken between Beaverton Central and Millikan. Manual flagging. All trains stop per SOP.

    1. This is why I love the red line to Beaverton TC
    2. (Ok, so the first bus isn't really failing to show up, but it might as well not have.)
    3. Having two buses show up at the same time doesn't really make up for one being almost 10 minutes late.
    4. Hey, , this is the 2nd or 3rd time this week that one of your buses simply fails to show up.

      Shut your fucking mouth Iam a Federal Agent

      fuck trimet I got a car

      trimet lol

      : Trimet needs to cut the shit ” I am so sorry

      They FINALLY updated the announcements on the Type-4's to be as up-to-date as the other trains. Finally.

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