Sunday, August 25, 2013


Fact: We actually lost about 3 million rides last year, primarily on MAX due to the elimination of the Free Rail Zone.

Is this something to be proud of? Are they saying this is a good thing? They don't provide an explanation as to what they have gained by this move. It appears they have gained nothing but a loss in ridership.

This brings into question the  management decision to eliminate fareless square. It also brings into question making Trimet unaffordable for people that were taking short trips in downtown Portland.

If Trimet was actually held accountable for their screw ups this would be under investigation right now. It appears that this was a horrible management miscalculation on ending fare less square and not providing an affordable alternative.

It's another Trimet fail that the management  won't be held accountable for.

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Unknown said...

In my opinion they got rid of fairlaess square, because of the bloated numbers they were telling the goverment they had in ridership, for the grants they were getting for projects. I think the goverment caught the Discrepancy and told them they would be denied grants basted on bloated numbers they were claiming. So all in all they had to get rid of it based soley on that, not anything else. Meaning the 2 million rides put them in a higher grant catagory.