Friday, August 30, 2013


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
How the hell does an entire bus just not show up? Was there a dragon? Did a Hellmouth open up and swallow it?

Iza@izaWarner 48m
on the 35 in NoPo right now with one of the best bus drivers in PDX. Riding is a pleasure!

driver better hurry the eff up, I got a date with my bong!

Now driver is making a kid fold up his scooter even though it's an empty bus... ?

Bus is running late and driver decides to step out on Woodstock to talk to a lady dressed in all pink...  

So evidently renumbering the section that serves between Tigard and Sherwood from 94 to 93 counts as 'new' service.

Shopping for a car. Mom said she'll help so I don't ride trimet. getting greedy and taking your money without returning a ticket

Never taking machine takes your money and the report shows there was no excess money so sorry can't issue a ticket. Thieves. Car!

" The elevators at the west end of the Washington Park MAX Station are now open following construction." aka the Loo.

once again, your doesn't show up at 8:35 when its supposed to. Are the riders ever going to be compensated?

I see that train a rollin'/ rollin' 'cross my path/I'm on a Trimet bus jes' sitting on my ass.

New drawing! 75 to the Netherlands

Lady on MAX to another guy: "What makes [them] think I need to hear about [their] lives?"

Hey trimet, did NOT miss you.

Running a blue line train 8 minutes ahead at a timed stop is as bad as very late when service is only every 30mins. And avoidable.

Excellent. The red line is only nine minutes late to Willow Creek. Thanks .

On the 72 again, where the driver actually told someone to take their feet off the seats. That's a rarity among Trimet employees these days.

Dang! You've had a tough week on haven't you?

ruining a good night out, as usual. "Not in service" train 9:13pm with no train in sight. Fuck you.

I'm confused AFFFFFF. Trimet work with me

It's going to be an intetesting TriMet MAX ride when Texas youth are showing off their dance skills on a pole...

Seriously, . Two westbound trains in a row, ten minutes late, "out of service"? I'd like to get home tonight & you're not helping.

driver #17 bus northbound around five today, helps woman with groceries out of bus and across street to transfer bus.

Feel good commuting on , but don't care for the unwelcoming pssngrs who sit on the aisle, blocking free seats.

There comes a time, O driver of line 19 (2282), when you need to stop picking up riders because you're 13 minutes late.

Trimet busses are ruthless.

I don't care how loud it is on the bus. I will SCREAM "thank you" at the driver as I'm getting off the bus. No matter what.

I've never seen so many people stand quicker than when a ticket checker boards a MAX line.

The bus driver is now refusing to let people use the rear door because it keeps sticking open.

Dear riders, if I say "excuse me" 3 times and you don't move, I will push you. Don't get all angsty about it.

There's a fucking singalong on the Trimet bus right now. Barney. Small world. Look out for route 4, PDX.

I've come to realize is stuck on "Hawaiian Time"...without the benefit of friendly people, sunshine or warm ocean nearby.

Trimet officer: "No we aren't police, if we were I'd shoot people" true story.

alright. I'll see ya in a bit. At the mercy of trimet.

Rode the streetcar today. Only went halfway on the ns line and reached retirement age before my stop. I'm in my twenties.

My driver just parked at a stop, went inside fast food place, came out w/ bag of food. What the hell?

When will drivers get over themselves and realize they're meaningless and easily replaceable?

Shout out to super nice Trimet employee Steve who showed me an awesome birds nest. :)

my life story everytime i get on trimet omg

The crazy quotient on the train is extremely high today.

Thanks for rolling past 3 MINS EARLY so I can be a half hour late.

i despise trimet with every fiber of my being

Photo: Great job . These stickers on fare machines without the 9/4 launch date are a bold attempt to...

To whom is communicating this secret lottery data?

Rerouting the 4 onto Powell was the worst idea in the world .

Powell bus being rerouted to Hawthorne. Anyone know what's going on?

For TriMet buses? How the fuck do they get on?

the drivers seat back shell just fell off on bus 2530. Made the driver jump! Safety issue anyone?

These cart just tried to come on a bus. The adventures of the 20

Just got major attitude from driver #62 bus leaving millikan (6:17) for Sunset. Completely unnecessary.

Dear the people riding the today are big time stinky. Like I just swallowed my vomit you smell.

Lucky for and the bus 56 driver that I don't know voodoo. I'd hex them SOO hard. Like, super duper hard!

Not only was my bus a no-show, the next one is running late. WTF ?! HATE. IT!

Thanks for once again proving yourself unreliable and ruining my trip. You suck.

Running a blue line train 8 minutes ahead at a timed stop is as bad as very late when service is only every 30mins. And avoidable.

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