Friday, August 30, 2013


I stopped publishing internal documents from Trimet because they want me to pay over a thousand dollars for the same info I used to get for free . They also create problems for people that provide me with documents so the hell with their documents. While the internal documents are interesting they are hardly anything that Trimet needs to keep secret so their paranoia is completely ridiculous. But we know how they roll don't we.

In any even they allow retirees to get some material without charge, its the usual useless crap, you know the Hooray for us material. But today they sent some material which is just too coincidental to be ignored.

The fact that this article was all ready to go  immediately after the news stories is hardly  a coincidence. We already know how they use the mainstream media to do their dirty work and here we have more evidence to support that. The texting story looks like a plant

Earlier this month TriMet Executive Director of Operations Shelly Lomax sent a memo out to all bus and rail operators reinforcing the concerns of distracted driving and stressing that operators must put rider safety first. This is a reminder for the entire workforce to put safety first. Using a phone or other personal electronic device while driving violates Oregon law and TriMet policy, and it is dangerous. Operators are allowed to have cell phones and other electronic devices with them during their working day that they can use before or after their shifts or while on a break. However, they must not use them when in the driver’s seat of the bus or in the operating cab of a train whether in motion or not. Employees are instructed that electronic devices must be turned off and stowed at all times when operating a TriMet vehicle. For more on distracted driving and TriMet statistics visit the TriMet news feed at

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