Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Doug Kelsey is playing musical managers

Look at that smile! A man you can trust!
New assistant general manager (or is he chief operating officer, who knows, Trimet has so many different technocrats and is constantly adding more I can't keep track of who's who and what title they have this month) is moving people around again.Most notably it appears that Lomax is being removed from operations and is being 'sent out on the road'. (sounds like they want to get rid of her finally)  He gave her a fancy title "Chief of Staff" (these technocrats are impressed with themselves and their fancy titles) and she will be performing such things as "corporate bench-marking" and "balance score card". When it comes to taking what should be simple and making it ridiculously complicated government technocrats excel.
How to make 'work' out of 'nothing'.

He's moving around all the other appointed for life managers I suppose to present some illusion that he is 'changing' something. The thing is, moving the same people around doesn't really change anything because they are the same people with the same ideas. It's all window dressing and we've seen it all before, many times actually.

One thing that becomes very clear when you read his memo, is how ridiculously bureaucratized   Trimet really is. All these managers doing who knows what all day? Holy hell,so no wonder service is so terrible. All that money wasted on these manager positions when it could be used for direct services.

One thing I liked was Kelsey's use of the word "Trimet Brand". That's exactly what it is. Its a goddamn public relations triumph. Like Coke or Pepsi. It's completely artificially created via intense marketing strategies.

Nothing will change, it never does

You can download the memo HERE!

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