Thursday, March 31, 2016


All ATU757 members have their ballots by now.
We have a very good cross section of ideas to vote on.
3 distinct choices are presented to the members.
Remember who the real enemy is, with all this internal bickering sometimes the people we really need to worry about get forgotten.
 I'm referring to the Trimet management, specifically Mcfarlane and his hatchet man Stedmen. Mcfarlane gets another bonus every time he beats the union and his employees. 
Stedmen beefs up his impressive union busting resume with each victory. 
These two have had two consecutive victories against our beleaguered union.
 They are hero's within the transit executive community. How do we deal with them.

Here are the choices

If you want to fight them head on there is no better team than the Block/Hunt pair. 
They are up to the fight and will certainly give Mcfarlane and Stedmen plenty of headaches. Will their strategy be victorious? 
Your guess is as good as mine.
Sometimes a good fight is unavoidable however.

If you think a 'kinder and gentler' approach is needed with the Trimet monsters then Bruce Hansen is your man. 
Bruce surrendered the last contract to Mcfarlane but he thinks if we hadn't done that then things could have been worse in the arbitration. 
We'll never know. 
 The Trimet people want Bruce.
 Pandering to the ego's of the Trimet sociopaths could possibly be a good strategy. 
It was his opinion that giving Trimet what they wanted last time  would give him flexibility next time had he been reelected to office

And if you're like me and are sick and tired of the same old faces over and over and over its time to vote for Henry and Chris.
 Do they have elected experience? No.
 But what exactly is 'experience'.
 Both men are quick to learn and I'm sure with the right advisors can be easily up to the job.
If you want real change these two are the only ones that can deliver that.
 Also, if you find yourself wanting to vote for Bruce you better vote for Chris because if Jon stays VP with Bruce president it will not be a fun situation for Bruce.

There you have it folks, 
good luck to all of us.

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