Friday, March 18, 2016

Trimet mayhem alerts

First of all, yesterday:

#9 #17 Lines 9 and 17 due to a stuck crossing arm 7th and Tilikum Crossing inbound Use Ross Is bridge detour until further notice.

Then today at 7:15 AM:
#19 #70 LINE 19 & 70: CANCEL RADIO detour & Return to the "Short Term detour" in your pouches.

10:25 AM:
#19 Line 19 to Gateway ONLY: CANCEL the detour at Milwaukie & Bybee & RETURN to Regular route.

10:30 AM:
#19 No service to the stop on SE Bybee Blvd at 17th Ave until noon.

11:05 AM:
#19 Update Line 19 to Mt Scott: Regular route to Milwaukie and Bybee then continue Milwaukie, left LAMBERT, left 17th, right Bybee and Regular route. until further notice.
#19 Update Line 19 to Gateway: Regular route to Bybee and 17th then left 17th to right LAMBERT, right Milwaukie to Bybee and regular route. until further notice.

11:10 AM:
#19 Update 11:09a: Line 19 to Gateway Regular route at Bybee and 17th.
#19 No service to stops on SE Bybee Blvd between 17th Ave and Milwaukie Ave.

11:15 AM:
#19 No service to the stop on SE Bybee Blvd at 17th Ave. 

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