Thursday, March 10, 2016

What is Bruce Hansens' position on allowing retirees to vote on contracts as proposed by Shirley

I sent this question to Bruce's website contact 


Al M said...

Here's his answer

Bob Cummings said...

Obviously Bruce Hansen does not support retirees. It's clear he does not see the big picture nor does he have the intellect or logic to think past what is directly in front of him. Hansen must think it's ok for retirees not to have say in a contract that has a significant negative impact on them because other local retirees don't have say. A constitutional change could help protect ATU retirees every local nationwide.

And he calls the changes to protect retirees and give them say politically motivated. Trying to implement change is forwarding thinking and representing a vulnerable group. He should do the math and see in the future all TriMet needs to do is offer a pay raise to employees who do not have benefits at retirement while cutting retiree health care and the have not employees will vote away retiree health care without retirees having a say. Eventually the have nots will outnumber the haves and we need to plan to protect ourselves. Bruce the TriMEt lacky needs to do the math.

Instead he wants to focus on petty bylaws changes like setting office hours. Really? What about all the time officers spend working before or after office hours? But then too, Bruce thought it was ok to sell out retirees in a contract he supported 100% along with his buddy Martin who was caught defrauding the government. And Bruce knew about Dan Martin's past. Someone should ask Anne Bailey, Martin's ex-wife.

Someone should ask Bruce about the pay cut he offered to take when elected president the first time? He didn't take it for the first year and only did so after Anna Hicks inquired about it.

Saying I have no respect for Hansen is an understatement. What a piece of shit!

Unknown said...

Hi Al

Bob, can you name one Union (ATU or any) where retirees vote on the Contract? Tilting at windmills has always been self-satisfying.

Obviously you've never worked directly with Bruce to call him a lackey.

He took the pay cut for all three years per his Fact Check and was successful in restoring financial solvency to our Union so think he should be paid back.

I think only Dan and the Heintzman team that ran a background check on him knew about the fraud. The Jon/Ron team let him serve until they needed to ambush him. If there were true Solidarity, he could have been granted "exemption from disqualification" and avoided bad ATU press.

You have no respect because you believe lies.

Unknown said...

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